A healthy person has a thousand wishes, a sick person only one.
— Indian proverb

Everybody wants to look and feel better - and to live free from pain.  Most of us may not realise it but we also want to MOVE better too. We should also aspire to increase our longevity during our fitness journey. And to slow or halt the aging process. 


  • To encourage participants to have fun while exploring movement,
  • To inspire participants to move more often and improve all aspects of fitness including range of motion and strength,
  • To encourage participants to achieve adequacy, not perfection,
  • To improve the participants’ posture, balance and coordination, and
  • To improve breathing and promote relaxation.  

Exercise, conducted in a mindful and appropriate manner, will reduce recurrent or constant body pain and improve range of motion and movement capacity.  Exercise, used a movement therapy, can counteract modern-day stressors on the body which can include sporting, occupational (and other) injuries, postural and congenital issues.

Nataraja Movement aspires to bring movement to those who struggle with movement and to provide everyone with the opportunity to practice, and improve, their movement potential.  

Join Nataraja Movement to reduce pain and to improve your fitness, coordination, balance and confidence.