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About Nataraja Movement


after years of my own personal movement training, and experience teaching numerous students, I discovered patterns in how people move and corresponding aches and pains.

My movement journey began with martial arts when I was nine-years-old. My mother was a ballerina (and later a yoga instructor) and my two brothers were my martial arts sensei - all were my first, and most important, movement gurus.

I was meant to be a mover - I cannot imagine life without movement. Understanding what I do about the human body, and it’s capacity, I cannot and will not stop moving. I refuse to accept aging as an excuse to stop doing the things that I enjoy and I will never give up my independence and succumb to the normal aches and pains of ‘aging’.

As the years have passed I started to see patterns in people’s movement (or lack of movement) and repetitive stories about chronic or recurring body aches and pains. I hear these stories on almost a daily basis and am alarmed that therapists and medical experts offer little advice on what can be done. I have seen people accept their pain and resign themselves to the fact that their pain is due to aging. I once had a 26-year-old explain to me that their knee pain was due to being ‘old’!

Having experienced my own aches and pains due to poor coaching (and my own inadequate knowledge of the human body and movement in the past) I have had pain due to injury. Over time, and after a lot of research, I came to the realisation that I gained the tools to assist people on the path to their own rehabilitation.

Every injury can teach you about your body.

Pain from injury can be a great educational experience. But only when one is able to rehabilitate themselves.

Movement is the therapy that can put right many, if not the majority of, chronic health issues. Move more and appropriately to improve your overall health.